When I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, there was no question in my mind where I was going to go for a solution. Having heard that Dr. Stuart Rich with Sleep Solutions Northwest was using a method other than the usual CPAP to treat sleep apnea, I was determined to find out what he would recommend before considering any other options.

Being a mouth breather and somewhat claustrophobic, I was concerned I wouldn’t adjust well to using a CPAP machine, so I was delighted when Dr. Rich determined I was a good candidate an oral appliance (MAD) to treat my sleep apnea. From the first night I used my new MAD I’ve been able to sleep deeply and comfortably, without fear of another sleep apnea episode. My husband is also enjoying the benefit of not having my snoring wake him up anymore. The mouthpiece is easy to use, comfortable, and you don’t have to have electricity to use it, a huge benefit for this world traveler!

I am so happy I decided to go to Sleep Solutions Northwest and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great treatment option for their sleep apnea!