Insurance Questions

medicalIn order to best serve your patients, we are participating providers for: Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, Regence, Premera, Cigna, United Health Care and accept Medicare (Non-Par, with balance billing).   We do NOT accept: Provider One, Medicaid or Molina.

We can request a GAP exception from any insurance that we are not a current provider for.  A GAP exception, if granted, would allow in-network coverage for your patient.

Most insurance plans cover oral appliances, and the patient’s out-of-pocket costs typically range from $0 – $1,500.00 depending on whether their deductible has been met and the patient portion percentage. Our office sleep coordinator will check on the estimated coverage for the patient and give them an estimated cost before scheduling the patient for an exam.

When you are ready to refer a patient for evaluation, simply write a prescription for an oral appliance, code E0486 and indicate a diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, G47.33. Include copies of chart notes pre and post sleep study (required for Medicare) and fax everything to 866-861-6286. The prescription must be signed by the referring physician, and a copy of the diagnostic (not spit night) sleep study included, in order for us to obtain a pre-determination of benefits for your patient.

Here is how we are keeping you safe, particularly during the COVID-19 viral outbreak.


Pre and day-of appointment screening questions to determine infection risk.

Hand sanitizing gel and masks for all patients immediately upon entering.

“No touch” infrared forehead thermometer check before treatment.

Social distancing protocol and ‘sneeze guard’ shields at the reception desk.

Medical-grade HEPA filtration units for sanitation of the air we breathe in the office.

• PPE for clinical staff includes a gown, gloves, mask, eye protection and a face shield.

Disposable sterile single-use clinical instruments are utilized wherever possible.

Reusable instruments are packaged and sterilized in an autoclave before being returned to service. Delicate reusables are soaked overnight in a hospital-grade sterilant solution.

Our autoclave is tested AT LEAST weekly by an independent microbiology lab to confirm that our autoclave is working properly.

All exposed patient chair and work surfaces are sprayed and wiped down with a hospital-grade disinfecting solution that kills viruses and bacteria between patients.

High-touch areas like computer keyboards, mice, headrests and chair arms are covered with single-use disposable barriers that are replaced after each patient.

• New Mandibular Advancement Devices are disinfected twice: by the lab after fabrication and again in our office before delivery to a patient.


Thank you for entrusting us to keep you safe while we help you get a more restful night’s sleep. After all, getting quality sleep is one of the most important things you need to stay healthy!