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When I was diagnosed with sleep apnea there was no questioned in my mind where I was going to go for a solution. Having heard that Dr. Stuart Rich with Sleep Solutions Northwest was using a method other than the usual CPAP to treat sleep apnea I was determined to find out what he could recommend before considering any other options. Being a mouth breather and somewhat claustrophobic I was concerned I wouldn’t adjust well to using a CPAP machine.

So I was delighted when Dr. Rich determined I was a good candidate for the use of an oral appliance (MAD) to treat my sleep apnea. From the first night I used my new MAD I’ve been able to sleep deeply and comfortably, without fear of another sleep apnea episode. My husband is also enjoying the benefit of not having my snoring wake him up any more. The mouthpiece is easy to use, comfortable and you don’t have to have electricity to use it, a huge benefit for this world traveler!

I am so happy I decided to go to Sleep Solutions Northwest and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great treatment option for their sleep apnea!”

-D.R. from Auburn

I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Stuart Rich as a professional colleague and now what I would call as a friend. Dr. Rich has distinguished himself in my eyes by taking the step of identifying for patients what many other dentists miss as front line defenders of our patients oral and overall health. I have seen firsthand the benefits of the airway assessment and appliances that Dr. Rich has provided his patients to help treat obstructive sleep apnea. In addition I have had communicated to me by his patients the benefits of the diagnosis and treatment that he provides. I highly recommend Dr. Rich given these results.

-Dr. Thomas Kang

Amazing, I am always comfortable and Dr. Rich is very caring and personal. He makes you feel like you are his only patient. His crew is fantastic, too, and always has been. My son became a dentist because of Dr. Rich! That says a LOT!


My primary care physician recommended that I use a sleep apnea dental appliance. My two prior sleep studies confirmed extreme sleep apnea. I am unable to tolerate the use of CPAP. Dr. Rich and dental assistants provided me with an oral appliance and outstanding information and support.

From my first appointment with Dr. Rich, I found a compassionate and capable Dentist with personal experience using his own apnea dental appliance.

With care and patience Dr. Rich and staff guided me through the delicate process of learning how to adapt successfully to use of the appliance. Also, they skillfully submitted fees and costs to my healthcare insurer which fully paid the claim without any co-pay from me. I am pleased to recommend Dr. Rich.

-R. Daniels

I felt very strange the first morning I woke up after using the mandibular advancement device (MAD) to relieve my sleep apnea – until I realized it was because, for the first time in years, I felt rested!

-J. Erickson

After having a C-PAP machine for four years and tolerating it less and less over the last year I asked my Pulmonologist for a referral to explore the option of a mouth appliance instead. Upon meeting Lita and Dr. Rich I was thoroughly informed, encouraged, and hopeful about using an appliance in
lieu of the C-PAP. I LOVE IT!! The first night I noticed a wealth of rushing air in my throat. It was comforting and I looked forward to sleeping that night. The next morning I felt like I got a good night of sleep. And the 30 second teeth-tapping exercise for my jaw was quick-and-easy. A no-brainer to support my normal bite. Soon a sleep study will reveal exactly how much relief I am getting!  So excited.


I’m so thankful I found out about the mandibular advancement device offered by Dr. Rich. For years my husband had to deal with my loud snoring.  I finally decided to do something about it.  After a successful deviated septum surgery, I still snored, so I was referred to a sleep study and was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea.  During the sleep study, I was fitted for a cpap machined that made me feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic.  In addition, I’m a stomach and side sleeper so I knew the bulky tubes weren’t for me.  After meeting with Dr. Rich and his wonderful staff, it was decided that the MAD would be a good fit for me.  I’m so happy with the results!  I no longer snore, and I wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested after seven hours of sleep.  The mouthpiece is comfortable and doesn’t bother me at all.  I highly recommend going the route and choosing Dr. Rich.


I would recommend Dr. Rich to other clients; he has been the most comforting of dentists I have met, and I really feel like he cares about my personal health and has my best interest in mind. His manner is relax and calm, and his smile engages easy conversation.


Courtney Coddington
15:32 12 Sep 17
Dr. Rich and Kirstin have been fantastic. They took the time to answer all of my questions, are friendly and professional. The office is welcoming, warm, and inviting- not to mention on a clear day has an outstanding view. Highly recommended for your sleep needs!
Tamara Vandenberg
19:19 24 Jan 18
I have been wearing the sleep apnea device for over a year. It has transformed my life. I used to wake up in the morning not knowing I was tired and sleeping a little later. Now I wake up around 6:30am to 7:30am and I am done. I am ready to awake and start the day. Never knowing before, that I was really tired from a restless, sleepless night. It has transformed my life. If I need a nap I head for my sleep appliance for a good rest. I do not wake up in the middle of the night and I even have dreams now. I tried the CPAP for two years. I could not sleep with that device on my head. I would wake up ripping it off in the middle of the night and then proceed with a worthless sleep.If sleep apnea is your problem, I would recommend Doctor Rich to research this possibility. It worked for me.
Lawrence Freeman
20:30 10 Jul 19
After seeing many sleep docs over the years, I can hardly overstate how huge it is to find a doctor and staff who are knowledgeable, skilled, and caring, attributes I'd have once thought were standard, but which turn out to be quite rare. Very grateful to Dr. Rich and his staff.
Milinda Bryan
13:26 25 Oct 19
A-MA-ZING! This has been a life changer! Sleep Solutions Northwest are sleep professionals that deliver!Diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea and unable to tolerate a C-pap, I was sent to Sleep Solutions by my doctor. I honestly was a bit skeptical that a dental appliance would be a good fit for me but kept an open mind.The clinic is beautiful, Kirsten the receptionist, warm and friendly and Dr. Rich, patient and informative. The most up to date technology is used to fit your sleep device (they take digital impressions of your mouth!).My device arrived quickly, I was given a detailed tutorial on how to use with a follow up scheduled for a month out.First night of use, I was expecting to struggle to get to sleep (the norm) with this thing in my mouth. SHOCKER: I fell IMMEDIATELY to sleep and woke up feeling better than I had in I don't know how long! This is now my new trend - SLEEP! THANK YOU Sleep Solutions Northwest!!! I'm a much healthier believer now!
Kim Zumwalt
00:13 01 Feb 20
After finding out I had sleep apnea and not wanting to drag a CPAP machine with me when I traveled, the best decision I made was calling Sleep Solutions NW. The Office Manager (Sleep Ambassador), Kirstin, answered the phone and made a great first impression - she was friendly and accommodating. She answered all my questions and even dealt with my insurance company. My first appointment with Dr. Rich was very informative. He is extremely knowledgeable about sleep apnea and patiently answered all my questions regarding the Mandibular Advancement Device without any pressure to buy. Once I made the decision to move forward, he helped me choose the best device for me. He has state of the art technology – meaning no mouth full of goop for taking impressions. At my appointment to pick up my device, I was exhausted and having a hard time. To make sure I didn’t struggle with the device at home, Dr. Rich made a video for me so I would be more comfortable. The device was not difficult, and I didn’t need the video, but it’s just an example of his compassion for his patients. Fast forward 30 days, I absolutely love my device. I used to wake up every morning exhausted and need an afternoon nap to make it through the day. After wearing the device for 2 nights, I noticed a difference and 30 days later I feel even better with more energy. This device was life changing for me. I cannot thank Kirstin and Dr. Rich enough for their kindness and compassion and making the entire process so easy.
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