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Patients with mild to moderate OSA are often good candidates for oral appliance therapy, which the AASM has been recommending since 2006.

Many patients who should be using a CPAP device are simply unable or unwilling to do so, and they remain at serious risk if they don’t seek out alternative treatment. A large number of these patients could benefit from oral appliance therapy to lower their overall co-morbid health risks. While CPAP is still the best option for patients with severe OSA, for the ones who can’t or won’t adhere to PAP therapy, an oral appliance could be a real life saver.

We make it easy for you to refer your patients to us.

Just fax us a prescription for an oral appliance along with all the required information we need to schedule a consultation with your patient. We are a participating provider with several leading insurance plans, which helps us make oral appliance therapy an affordable and accessible option for your patients.

Have questions? Feel free to call the office at (253) 236-5240 or contact us online.

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