What to Expect at Your Appointments

sleep apneaAn oral sleep apnea appliance does not cure snoring or sleep apnea.  It is designed to reduce snoring and apnea episodes while you sleep. If your physician has suggested changes like sleeping only on your side, or losing weight, you should try hard to follow those instructions in addition to using the oral appliance we will be custom fabricating for you.  The combination will give you the best treatment results possible.

Prior to the fabrication of your oral appliance, you must have a consultation appointment to evaluate the condition of your teeth and gums, and to discuss possible choices of treatment. If you need any dental treatment, that should be completed before your appliance is made. Any major change in your teeth may require fabrication of a new oral appliance, so it’s important to get all your treatment up to date before proceeding with an oral appliance. If you do not have a general dentist, other dentists on our office team can provide that for you, or we can recommend someone near your home if you are coming from some distance away.

what to expect at appointmentNormally, two appointments are required to fabricate and fit the appliance, followed by several appointments to adjust the appliance and evaluate its effectiveness. Prior to your first appointment, we will generally do a pre-determination of benefits with your insurance company and confirm authorization from them before taking the final impressions for your oral appliance.

Most insurance companies will pay for an oral appliance to treat your obstructive sleep apnea, provided that your condition meets the minimum requirements.  Most often, an AHI of 5 or greater, and a demonstrated inability or unwillingness to use a CPAP to treat your condition is sufficient.